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Exotic Woods

most exotic and expensive rare woods

The Online directory guide to all the premier listings for the best worldwide regions for rare exotic examples of expensive near extinct woods for available building materials unique supplies ulitimate householdhome improvement accessories for flooring instruments grade cues veneers hardwoods lumber online decking timber dealer inventory plywood sources handmade wooden golf custom mill work showroom

Source for bubinga, Cocobolo Indian Rosewood White Limba

Information on exotic Bocote Gonalo Alves Makore Ossage Orange Wenge Padauk

Bubinga Cocobolo woods and bontanical names

Huge collection of exotic woods from Afromosia to Zebra Wood

Tropical and exotic hardwoods of latin America

Supplierto woodworkers with rare, specialty, and hard-to-find exotic woods

Source for exotic hardwoods and veneers

Exotic wood source for Suriname Snakewood Gaboon Ebony Birdseye Curly

and Tiger Maple instrument grade quality

Exotic wood source for Cuban Mahogany Swietenia mahogoni Alexandria Laurel Calophy luminophylum Narra (Amboyna)  Pterocarpus indicus Ukall (Monkeypod)  Serianthes kanehirae B'kau  Parinari corymbosa (Piranarium palauense) Kelela (Terentang)  Campnosperma brevipetiolata Elibiob  Alphitonia carolinensis Amklaal  Horsfieldia amklaal Mes-Ewes  Canarium hirsutum Uduid  Manilkara udoido Mango  Mangifera indica Blacheos  Gmelina palauensis Dort (Ipil)  Intsia bijuga

Source for exotic Teak, Ebony, African Padauk, Bloodwood, Bolivian Rosewood, Bubinga, Buote, Cannarywood, Cocobolo, Honduras Mahogany, Lacewood, Purpleheart, Wenge and Zebrawood

Site for one of the largest selections of exotic woods from the Mid Atlantic region

Chakte Coc, Chakte Viga, Cocobola, Ebony Striped, Ebony Gaboon, English Yew, Lacewood, Maples, Pau Amarillo, Tulipwood, Purpleheart Wenge Zebrawood

Source for golf putters hand made from exotic Lacewood Zebrawood Rosewood Bloodwood Ebony

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