Exotic diseases, treatments, cures, links to clinics, hospitals, diagnosis, centers.
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Exotic Diseases: Viruses, infection

Treatments, cures, links to clinics, hospitals, diagnosis, centers.

Online Globetrotting story guide to descriptions explanations international info travel stories locations understanding livestock health hospitals cures expert labs for the World most exotic invasive diseases and disorders medicines diagnosis treatment symptoms for professionals and patients alternative medicine medical tests authorities causes signs and risks tricks emerging medicine treatments symptoms directories resources infectious tropical forests communicable chronic psoriasis skin news articles websites doctors examinations control problems parasite germs illnesses hazards prevention spread effects suffering hallucinations chronic threats controlling deaths conditions sickness wellness research publications courses learning links community magazines blogs journals definition

MSNBC Associated press article " Exotic travel can lead to exotic diseases" Unusual illnesses not uncommon for adventure tourists. "It took eight months for doctors to figure out Keoghís illness, said his wife, Karlene. A blood test showed he had cysticercosis, a parasitic illness often acquired from undercooked pork and common in Latin and Central America. The Maricopa County Medical Examinerís office is awaiting more tests to determine whether that led to his death."


Article " Globetrotting boosts exotic diseases" Monkeypox, a germ never before seen in the Western Hemisphere, globe-trotted to Schyan through a pet prairie dog her mother got at a local 4-H swap meet. The animal probably became infected when a dealer housed it with an imported Gambian giant rat and other African rodents he was selling.


Article San Francisco Chronicle " Exotic diseases unlikely health threat" Survivors more at risk from lack of medicine, doctors "Health experts say the big danger facing people in the aftermath of the Gulf Coast hurricane has little to do with pathogens from dead bodies or exotic infectious diseases."


Article Scott Hayden Exotic Diseases Sleeping Sickness, River Blindness adn Guinea Worm Disease "Travellers to remote and faraway destinations beware! A bizarre variety of diseases such as sleeping sickness and buruli ulcers are commonplace in third world countries"


Exotic Diseases Dr Robert Dixon, Faculty of Veterinary Science, University of Sydney Dermatological Diseases Foot and Mouth Disease Vesicular Stomatitis Swine Vesicular Disease Screw Worm Sheep Pox Lumpy Skin Disease Glanders Respiratory Diseases Swine Influenza Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome Contagious Bovine Pleuropneumonia Pulmonary Adenomatosis Chronic Progressive Pneumonia CNS Diseases
Visna Scrapie Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy Rabies Pseudorabies Equine Encephalidites Systemic Diseases
Rift Valley Fever Swine Fever African Swine Fever Rinderpest Haemorrhagic Septicaemia Bluetongue African Horsesickness Equine Viral Arteritis


Article The Stanford DAily "The Wanderer Flesh-eating worms and other exotic diseases" by Mickael Wilkerson


Article "Exotic Pests and Diseases Do More Damage than Fires, Floods and Tornadoes. Exotic pests and diseases donít command the same attention as forest fires, floods and tornadoes. But, according to USDA Deputy Secretary Richard Rominger, they surpass these dramatic phenomena as the most widespread and devastating threat to the health and productivity of public and private lands"


Article The Canadian Veterinary Journal by T. W. Dukes "The Veterinary Practitioner and Diseases Exotic to Canada. Veterinarians, in clinical practice, regulatory field work, laboratory diagnosis or research, must work together as a team, each within his area of expertise in order to protect the livestock industry of Canada from exotic diseases. This freedom from many of the serious animal plagues has allowed the development of intensive animal production units with increased vulnerability to disease and in which the impact of disease outbreaks may be more serious. In differential diagnoses one should think not only of the classical exotic diseases such as vesicular diseases, swine fever, in today's world, but one should constantly be on the outlook for any disease outbreak that does not quite fit the picture of the domestic diseases. From this standpoint the large animal practitioner is the very important ďfirst line of defenseĒ since, in all likelihood, he will be the first to see a disease exotic to Canada should that disease gain entry."


Queensland Government Article "Exotic disease Think the worst first. Exotic animal diseases - the nationís nightmare"


Most exotic diseases Chit Chat blog site "Exotic animal diseases - the nationís nightmare"


Article WNCís info blog "Forests Threatened by Exotic Diseases"


Article "The silent pandemic: while exotic diseases like bird flu and SARS get all the attention, malaria is still killing millions in Africa, despite the fact that DDT remains an effective and affordable solution." A worldwide pandemic of staggering proportions is underway, killing many millions of people and sickening millions more. This pandemic is not the dreaded bird flu; it is not the frightful Ebola virus. The epidemic is malaria. According the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the disease causes "at least one million deaths ... each year. The disease is especially rampant in Africa, where it has exacted an appalling toll on children. According to correspondent Dr. Carolyn Demasi, reporting for the Australian news program Catalyst, "Every 30 seconds a child in Sub-Saharan Africa dies from Malaria"


Article "Toxic and Exotic Diseases of Swine"


Article on Exotic medicines "World Intellectual Property Organization Seeking to Protect Products Made from Traditional Resources" http://www.voanews.com/english/archive/2006-12/2006-12-14-voa8.cfm?CFID=258883306&CFTOKEN=13142019

Exotic Mushroom and Cancer Medicine "Exotic mushrooms could provide cancer medicines. Research on the healing properties of some mushrooms could lead to new methods of treatment and prevention of cancer. Cancer Research UK has produced a review of information about the way medicinal mushrooms are used in Japan, China and South Korea. In these countries it is thought mushrooms have anti-tumor properties and can stimulate the immune system to fight disease. Evidence from research in the Far East also suggests medicinal mushrooms can help reduce side effects from radiotherapy and chemotherapy. It is also claimed they can improve the quality of life for patients in the advanced stages of cancer. A spokesman for Cancer Research UK, said the information suggested that compounds derived from mushrooms could have a "hugely beneficial influence" on the way cancer is treated. Trials in Japan, China and, more recently in the US, have indicated chemical compounds derived from medicinal mushrooms can prolong survival of cancer patients."


Aricle on Exotic Cures "Exotic Cures: Devilís Claw is Godís Gift for Back and Muscle Pain"


Next plague likeliest to emerge from poor tropical countries

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